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The warmth provided by a Taylor Waterstove® is controlled by a thermostat inside your home or building. Unlike ordinary woodstoves, it heats every room uniformly. Water stays hot, no matter how long you run it, for bathing, laundry or dishes.A Taylor Watersove® will make your hot tub or swimming pool more enjoyable and practical. A Taylor commercial unit will earn its keep in any commercial installation, from greenhouse, barn or shop. Plus you will save up to 90% on your heating and hot water bills!Taylor’s remarkable New Recessed Stack design gives more room for loading, while eliminating messy creosote cleanup. The Waterstove features a factory installed heater stand and an oversized firebox door that stretches across the width of the unit for easy log loading and ash removal. Its carbon steel door is heavily insulated and stronger than cast iron and can withstand changes in temperature.For added durability, Taylor builds in a stainless flue pipe system and stack. The Taylor Waterstove’s tank and clean out plugs make annual maintenance a breeze.

With minimum effort, a Taylor Waterstove® will provide many years of dependable trouble free service. From the very first load of wood, your new Taylor Waterstove® will cut your energy bills down to size while you enjoy clean, dependable heat. Your local Taylor Dealer can provide any type installation and will always be on hand for additional service. Contact your dealer today for more information and discover the hottest thing in money saving heat!

Taylor Waterstove

Tested and Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Taylor Waterstove offers the safest way
to heat any structure. The fire is taken out of your home or building and only hot water is
pumped inside, providing you with purer, cleaner air and lower insurance rates than with an
indoor wood stove. Taylor units are vented into the air, eliminating the dangers and
regulations of a pressurized boiler.

 To ensure maximum life of your Taylor Waterstove, it is
recommended that you service your stove each year.
We will come out to your house and do this service for you.
Our maintenance service involves draining up to 400 gallons of
chemically treated water from your stove into our portable tank.
We then drain and flush your stove, check the gaskets and tube,
change out the anti-corrosive rod, recycle the water into the tank
and add water and chemicals as necessary.

Advantages To Owning A Water Stove

  • No logs to carry in and no messy ashes in the house!
  • Water heat does not dry up your sinuses
  • No inside oxygen is used to fuel the heat like other wood or gas burning units.  Exhaust gases make two complete passes through the water.
  • Large, easy on your back, easy-open door allows effortless loading of big, unsplit logs.  Even greener logs can be used.
  • In summertime, load just once or twice per week for all domestic hot water uses.
  • Put unit as close as 2 feet from the house or as far away as you would like.  The important thing is that you place it where it is most convenient for you-near your wood source.
  • Unlike others, a Taylor Waterstove provides a stainless steel fuel pipe system and stack as standard equipment- Double Pass Flue transfers more heat into the water.
  • Water tank is completely insulated and seams are sealed with Posi-Seal Urethane Insulation.
  • 6-year warranty on T450 and T750 units.

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